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Cat Scratching Posts Australia

Cats Can Be Demanding: Here's What They Demand in a Scratching Post

Many a cat-lover has thrown their hands up in despair, crying "My cat just won't use a scratching post!" In reality, cats won't use the WRONG scratching post. Here's what makes the RIGHT one:

  • Height: Your cat wants to stretch and pull all of the muscles in his or her back and shoulders when using a vertical scratching post. After all, in the wild, a primary "scratching post" is a tree! Our Cat Scratching posts are tall enough for the biggest cat to fully stretch out against.
  • Sturdiness and Stability: Think about that tree again: one thing is sure, it's not going to wobble or topple no matter how aggressively a cat digs into it to pull and stretch those muscles. If you have a wobbly post, your cat is not going to scratch it. Instead, a more stable option will be sought, putting your couch squarely at risk.
  • Superior Material: Cats want a scratching material that shreds beneath their nails, leaving a visible scratch mark, cleaning the old husks from their claws, and allowing for a deep, smooth scratching motion. Sisal fabric, providing all of those characteristics, is a far superior scratching material to carpet or sisal rope, which catch cats' claws and pull on their toes. Cats love to scratch sisal fabric.


In order for your cat to use a scratching post, it needs to be in a prominent area of your house. A scratcher that is hidden away in a corner does not fulfill your kitty's need to mark territory. But if the post is ugly, you won't want to display it in the most high-traffic areas of your home. You'll hide it in an out-of-the-way spot, and your cat will end up ignoring it, going for your couch instead. Furniture Savings cat scratching Post products have solid wood caps and trim and come in a variety of understated, classic colors, so you will be happy to display them in your house. Shopping for a Cat Scratching post is like finding the perfect accent piece for your décor.



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