Scratching is an all-time favorite habit of cats. They love to climb on home furniture and assets that make them feel relax. No doubts! It is important for cats to scratch but at the same time, you need to save your furniture and carpets as well. That is where quality cat scratching posts come into the picture. It is a perfect scratching area where cats can safely practice their scratching behavior and take good sleep.

The Most Common Reasons for Scratching

  • To keep claws sharpen and in great condition.
  • To stretch their bodies to the fullest.
  • To relax and have a good sleep.
  • To have communication with cats.

Cat Loves To Scratch Indoors To keep claws in good condition, cats usually prefer to perform scratching indoors. Inside the home, they feel more comfortable, safe, and relaxed in maintaining the claws. The most common areas where cats scratch - windows, doors, and any furniture asset like a sofa. Plus, cats scratch in front of their owners as it makes them more confident.

How A Good Cat Scratching Post Can Help You?

Cats scratch to keep the claws sharp, healthier, and happier. Failing to provide cats the right area can badly damage your furniture and carpets. To prevent them, bringing a high-quality cat scratching post online at home is an ideal move.

The market is booming with scratching posts in different shapes, designs, and colors. Wooden posts are best as they are covered with thick sisal material. Plus, the scratching post can be either in a standing position or crafted to fix the floor surface. Whenever you are in the market of the buying scratching post, make sure to consider the following tips:

  • It must have a heavy base. This prevents cat scratching post from fall.
  • It must be tall enough so that cats can exercise and stretch their bodies to the fullest.
  • It must be either of vertical or horizontal shape. Your cat will get the best opportunities to scratch the body.

Once you got the right fit and cheap cat scratching post for home, the next step is to guide or teach your cat with some limitations. If you found that your cat is scratching the wood of the sofa, then distract her by producing a loud sound. This will prevent the cat from scratching the wood and came out of that situation. Attract the cat towards the post by placing the favorite treats or toys on it. Plus, you must consider placing the scratching post in the area where your cat resides the most.

The Right Material to Pick for Cat Scratching Post

Cat scratching posts are available in a wide array of materials. You need to pick one that is attractive to your cats. Let’s discuss some points that help you get the right scratching post. Cats to love leave deep marks to show their territory. The material of the cat scratching post must be sturdy so that it shreds under the cat’s claws. It produces a loud noise and makes the cats satisfied and relaxed.

Sisal Offers a Great Scratching Surface for Cats

The sisal is the material that is not only heavy-duty but also makes cats feel great. They shred this material under the claws in the most pleasant way. Make sure the material can offer the most satisfying feel. Choose the fabric in which cats get a good grip. Avoid choosing a material that your cat already uses for the scratching purpose. The common example of this is the carpet that usually found on the furniture.

Varies in prices, you make sure to invest in cat scratch posts in Australia that suit your budget. You need to calculate your budget in advance and avoid spending upon the decorative one because it is for temporary use and needs a replacement in the future.

Summing up, it is the responsibility of yours to provide a healthier life to your cats as a pet owner. Always shop for the cat scratching post by keeping the pet needs in mind. This ensures that your loving cat receives a good scratching experience and fun environment.