Cats are the wonderful creatures on earth that help you stay positive and active. They can be your best friend as well as an amazing pet. By nature, cats love to scratch and this can be counted as a part of their routine activity. This is a great way to help cats in cleaning and sharpening their claws. This is the reason why scratching is so important for a cat. In such a condition, Cat scratching post can be an optimum product to invest in. From front legs to shoulders to back, it helps in strengthening the overall muscles of the cat. In case, your cat won’t be able to scratch and exercise his muscles properly, then his muscle will become weak and flabby.

Many people think that investing in a scratching post is worthless but they ignore that the fact that it will protect their furniture from getting destroyed by the cat claws. A cat scratching post can be a great alternative in such a case. It gives your cat the opportunity to scratch on a rough sturdy post within the convenient environment of the home.

Training your cat to use the scratching post can be a tough task. If your cat likes to lie flat on the ground more, then it may take longer to train him to use the vertical scratching post. Buying cat posts online can be a little chancy as the material looks and feels a lot different from the original and there are chances that you might make a wrong selection. If the same goes for you, it’s better to buy cat scratching posts from your local shops. But it is also a fact that the one you brought from a store can be expensive for some cat owners.

Here we are discussing some the step by step procedure to teach your cat to use the scratch post:

The very basic thing that you need to keep in mind is to place the cat post near one of his favorite spots of scratching. In case, that place does not work at the first attempt, try something new. Cats love to scratch mostly after eating and sleeping so try to put the post near that area. By placing a treat or catnip on the post, you can easily get your cat to the respective post without taking much effort. This is a great way to associate the post with feelings of pleasure, leading to a good habit for the cat to come back again and again.

Always pick a material that is your cat’s favorite in terms of scratching. You can also choose to consider a material that is opposite of the piece of furniture the cat is trying to destroy. This will saves your attempts in making your cat prepare for using the scratching post. All you need to keep in mind is not to force your cat to use the cat scratch post. This will like a punishment to the innocent animal and you can’t make this thing as his habit. You need to have patience as this thing may take some time and extra effort. In case, the condition is not getting into your favor, try to use the treats every time they use the post.

All in all, you can spend the best time with your cat by fulfilling all the needs, and scratching is counted as one of the most basic ones. You can play with your cat around the post and store their favorite toys there in order to attract them. Without a doubt, they will easily accept it and start scratching there in place of your favorite couch.