Picking the right size of mattress is one of the easiest parts when finding the type of bed frame. One should consider many other factors like material, bed frame style, color to make oneself overwhelmed. Other than these there are many types of bed frames one should know about. If you want to enhance your knowledge base, then this article would help you. All the variety of styles are listed here and will discuss the pros and cons of each. These will help you know what kind of bed frame is right for you.

Types of Frame Materials

Premium Hardwood

They are best suited for good health and have a comfortable experience. This high quality and durable wood material give a natural look to your room. If you want to enhance the beauty of your room, then spend a little more metal bed frame and enjoy the premium feel. They are made up of solid wood and when polished they can be customized to get the desired look of the bed frames in Australia. These are available in various forms like cheap queen bed frames, cheap king bed frames, and many more.

Engineered Hardwood

Don’t want to lose your pocket to a great extent? Then cheap double bed frames and cheap single bed frames are possible that are made with engineered hardwood. They are affordable and long-lasting wood type. These are highly preferable in humid areas due to its pairing with high-quality plywood.


  1. The Platform Bed Frame

All the fame is with this type of bed frame. It offers a low-profile and sleek look and comes in a wide range of styling options. No box spring is required in these types of cheap bed frames.

Pros To Buy It:

Easy On Pocket: They are highly affordable and come in various cheap queen size bed frames. Also, if you are looking for king bed frames, then you can rely on these. Most importantly, you don’t need to invest in a box spring.

Used With Any Mattress: Selecting the right mattress is not a headache. You can use any mattress with a platform bed frame. One tip- they are perfect for memory foam mattresses.

Space Friendly: These are the best choices for small bedrooms due to their sleek design. They are widely used because they minimize the clutter.

Cons Related To It:

Side-Sleepers: Platform beds are firmer because the mattress sits directly on the top of wooden slats or the solid platform. It might result in creating some discomfort. So, if you are a side-sleeper, then you need to keep this thing in mind.

Climbing Out and In: They are low to the ground that can make climbing in and out somewhat difficult especially for old aged people. So, consider this by brainstorming and getting some trials.

  1. Upholstered Bed Frame

Looking for luxury? Upholstered frames cover your desire and are capable of fulfilling all your aspects. These beds are very much bold and are super comfy. They are fit for a wide range of spaces.


Wide Variety: Fabric, colors, and choice of patterns, there are tons of different options. Choose the type of fabric and other materials according to the rest of your bedroom and make it go.

Comfort To The Next Level: A soft headboard and the cushioned support make the best ultra-comfy. You can watch TV in bed, read your favorite books and enjoy it with your loved ones.


Wear And Tear: As these bed frames are cheap, they are high chances that wear and tear occurs. The quality might suffer to a small extent and they are less durable as compared to other beds. If you are confused among metal and woods as options and want to have very superior quality then you might have to suffer from this because dents and impressions might develop over time.

High Maintenance Time: You have to spend extra time and effort to keep the upholstered bed in the top position. Light vacuuming and frequent dusting are needed. Say no to these types of beds if you are allergic to dust.

  1. Sleigh Bed Frame

It is a bed that is shaped like a sleigh. It contains a high footboard and headboard. A sleigh bed frame is one of those beds that has serious style. They are capable of working in any setting.


Highly Stylish: It holds the capacity to become the focal point of your bedroom as soon as you adjust it.


Limited Leg Room: It is mostly suited for short height people. So, if you are looking for cheap bed frames online and work to grab the best deals.

Moving Is Not Easy: Very high-quality solid wood is used to make these types of beds. That is why they are very heavy to shift. Some modern upholstered versions are very light.