Adopting pets like a cat is exciting but also frustrating at the same time. The scratching behavior of your cat can become an expensive problem. It is not always possible to see that your cat ripped the sofa into ribbons or put a deep scratch on the wall.

As scratching comes with numerous benefits, you can’t stop your pets from doing it. The only way to prevent cats from destroying furniture is to invest in a cat scratching post or cat tree in Australia. It gives cats a scratching surface so they can run their claws on it rather than on the furniture.

If your home is full of expensive household items and you don’t want them destroyed by your cat, then go for a cat scratching post in Melbourne, Australia. And when it comes to purchasing a cat scratching post or cat tree, then there are some factors you can’t ignore. Each cat pet is unique and their requirement for cat scratching post will also vary. 

"Let’s discuss those important considerations one by one."

Pick Texture That Cats Love to Scratch

Scratching offers more than just a relaxing feel. Cats love to scratch something on which they can easily dig their claws. It is important for you to look for the texture that your cats like either you are buying cat trees or scratching posts.


Textures like sisal, cardboard, and softwood are the most recommended for cats for scratching. All these materials are durable and there is no need to make replacement so often. By bringing the texture of your cat’s interest, you will ensure that the product is fully used by the cat. 

The Size of Cat and Scratching Posts Matters

Cats vary in sizes. Before purchasing a cat scratching post in Australia, it is vital to consider your cat size. For a large-sized cat, a purchase of a taller cat scratching post is a good deal.

Cat Size

This allows cats to stretch the bodies to the fullest. Even, if you have a kitten, then you can prefer a shorter post but when the size increases, you need a taller one. Along with a taller post, the base of the post must be heavy and wider.

Consider both the Stability and Sturdiness

It is important to purchase the cat scratching post or cat tree in Australia that holds both stability and sturdiness. Because cats jump on the post with full energy for scratching.

Stability and Sturdiness

If your scratching post has a heavy base, then it can prevent it from fall. Moreover, a cheap cat scratching post helps the scratching post stay up against the weight and ensures extra safety to your pet.

Go with Horizontal and Vertical Scratching Surface

Cats usually stretch their bodies either horizontally or vertically. Make sure the scratching post in Australia you are buying is either vertical (taller) or horizontal (flat). Also, it depends upon the cat and her desire for the post. A horizontal or vertical post gives cats different scratching positions, helping in more stretching and exercising. 

To sum up, keep the above-mentioned points in mind if you want to shop for the best and cheap scratching post in Australia. These are a few keys to keep your cat healthy and happier. 

After the purchase of the cat scratching post in Melbourne, Australia, your next step is to place it in the right location. You can prefer to put the scratching post or cat tree in the middle or in the area where your cat loves to reside the most.

Moreover, encourage your cats to make use of cat scratching posts by placing treats, catnip, and toys. Once they get familiar with the scratching post, the more they make use of it for relaxing rather than furniture.